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I can only blame myself… you can only blame me…

September 18, 2005

Two in one night, I know. I’m just in one of those moods tonight I guess. I think that I don’t share a value system with my peers. I just don’t.. and it’s hard for me because sometimes when I hang out people my age it’s easy to me to feel like a square. And that’s my choice and I wouldn’t change it for anything. That’s a choice that I’ve made for myself and I don’t hold anyone else to that standard. That being said, I would like to think that whoever it is that I’m supposed to be with or even my friends would have something closely resembling that same ideal… I dont know. Maybe I am a square..

I feel like in the interest of full disclosure and since I pretty much have nothing left to lose, I might as well lay out my embarassing and otherwise weird personality quirks and if some girl can love me in spite of them then… great..

-I don’t drink, never smoked, never done a drug in my life….still reading? Rad.

-The Phildelphia Eagles have made me cry…. on more than one occasion.

-The first time I listened to “Fix You”, I cried.. man why are all my embarassing quirks about me being a girl and crying all the time?

-I sometimes laugh at my own jokes, even when no one else is laughing.

-I don’t sleep under the covers.

-I don’t particularly enjoy being naked.

-When a girl puts on one of my old t shirts, I think it’s more beautiful than just about anything… but I’ll never underestimate the power that a nice dress can make a girl look beautiful

-I like to….. cuddle… ok.. there I said it.

-I think some girls have this beautiful glow about them in the morning that is just about more beautiful than anything I can fathom.

-I’m a magazine addict.. don’t believe.. look at the floor beside my bed.

-I sleep with the tv on.

-I’m afraid of the dark (not as much as I used to be)

-I have to hold a football, while watching football

I think that’s enough for now. I know this list will be amended when people bring things to my attention but I think that’s enough for now…

Song that was playing when I finished this: How You See The World – Coldplay

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