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Bloc Party – She’s Hearing from Voices (Live at SXSW ’05)

September 20, 2005

So I was reading Vonnegut’s new book today “A Man Without a Country” and I think it’s really interesting how he talks about how we’ve totally destroyed this planet with industrialization and especially nuclear technology and about how it was now trying to get rid of us. I thought that was really interesting when I thought about everything that’s happened with the hurricanes and I think that something that catastrophic really brings personifies the concept that although we think of this planet as “ours”, we are one of many lifeforms that simply inhabit this planet and as much as we think we understand this planet, the kind of destruction that nature can cause can never be replicated by man.

I was thinking today about the number of people with whom I am friends that I’ve also dated and at first I was embarassed to admit that that number is very very low. But the more I thought about it, I realized that that is probably a pretty normal statistic. I seriously believe that once you’ve dated for a certain length of time, as the time you spend together increases, the chances of a friendship surviving the fall out of a breakup lessens significantly. But I think that society has taught us that if you’re not friends with the people you date, you’re somehow less of a person. When in reality, it’s pretty natural not to want to see somehow who you dated and were intimate take some girl or guy home with them.

Song that was playing when I finished this: Broken Beads – The New Pornographers

My hero of the day:

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