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Coldplay – The Hardest Part

September 21, 2005

There are songs that I hear that make me want to be in love again. Songs like Shelter by Ray LaMontagne, I Believe When I Fall in Love… by Stevie Wonder and indirectly In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. And one of those songs for me is most definitely Strange Currencies by R.E.M. R.E.M. is one of those amazing bands that have just withstood the test of time, meaning that they’re still around but they are vastly underrated. I feel like people will still be listening to Automatic for the People in 15-20 years. Granted, Michael Stipe is, and maybe always has been a little weird and I’m not particularly of the face art he’s been rocking as of lately (the light blue bar he paints across his eyes and over his ears but when I listen to songs like The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight or Nightswimming or most recently Leaving New York, I’m like.. ehh that’s just Michael Stipe being Michael Stipe. He could paint a elephant phallus across his forehead and if I had just listened to Crush with Eyeliner, I could let it slide…

L-Mo’s List of the Day: Today’s List… 5 things that could get my man card revoaked

1. My love for You’ve Got Mail and Three to Tango
2. I moisturize
3. My overwhelming paranoia that Redken is going to discontinue my hair product.
4. Cuddling… ’nuff said.
5. I love the Ellen DeGeneres Show… so sue me.

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