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September 21, 2005

I walk around sometimes with my iPod on and everything looks like it’s happening in rhythm and I find that really interesting. It’s like every step I take is a beat and it looks like the chaos of everyday life is a rhythmic chaos.

I think about the world that I live in and what I think needs to be different and so in the spirit of L-Mo’s list of the day, Here’s 5 things I think the world would be better off without.

1. MTV – I love those cheesy reality shows (Made, Laguna Beach, Real World, The now defunct Road Rules, any of those terribly dramatic Challenges, True Life, Making the (or Da) band) but I think that MTV needs to swear off it’s relationship it has with music because it is so clearly is more about their programming than any affiliation it has with music. Look at what the MTV has brought us musically…. The Pussycat Dolls, any of those awful Gwen Stefani songs (you know we’re cool huh, Gwen? I beg to differ), Ashlee Simpson, her male counterpart in shit Ryan Cabrera.. any chance you have the receipt?

2. Oprah – Any of you drinking the “Oprah is the Goddess of All That is Good and Just in the World!” Kool Aid, need to realize what I’ve long realized about Bono, everything, each and every action they do is well calculated to make sure it serves them. Her shows are so clearly an invitation for those in her studio audience and those watching at home to worship at the alter of Oprah that it’s absolutely nauseating.

3. Rolling Stone – any of you who have ever read my blog before no of my pure, burning hatred for the magazine that I have dubbed as of recently “Tiger Beat with Cuss Words and the occasional story about Underage Prostitution in a Third World Country, oh and a story about the Bush administration”. If you believe Rolling Stone to be a credible source for information about music then you need to replace the captain of your brain ship, because he’s clearly drunk at the wheel.

4. Organized Religion – There is a huge difference between being religious and having faith. I was brought up catholic (confirmed Patrick Ryan Dominic Donohue). I live my life in a way that is not harmful to other people and I believe that there is a god or some other supreme being. But I don’t subscribe to all of the dogma. I think that abortion should be available to women in certain circumstances and I do think that any reason that we are not currently doing stem cell research is absolutely without any sort of merit. But more than that, I think that organized religion is the source of a lot of pain in this world. Think about how many lives has been lost in the name of religion. My particular beef is with christianity and the religious right but it’s certainly not limited to christianity. I think that a lot less prejudice would exist in the world if there wasn’t that barrier between us.

5. Starbucks – I guess I’m just tired of seeing preppy fratty guys and sorority girls drinking Starbucks as if it makes them bohemian or trendy when in reality the only signal it sends is that you paid far too much for a cup of coffee that, let’s face it, doesn’t taste that much different from a cup you can make at home from some Folgers.

Song that was playing when I finished this : Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

My hero of the day:

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