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Death Cab for Cutie – What Sarah Said

September 25, 2005

I often find myself listening to music and realizing what a gift it really is. I mean music is any form. I think we often take for granted the weird and mysteriously wonderful place that it comes from. And I know how trite that sounds but there are times when I listen to a song, I mean really listen to it.. not just listen for the bassline or marvel at the drum parts. Like tonight, I was driving home listening to “Beautiful World” by Colin Hay (yes the Colin Hay from the Garden State Soundtrack) and it’s a great great song about how beautifully chaotic the world is and how sometimes you’ve got to look to the small things (for Hay in the song it’s swimming in the sea, drinking Irish tea, and driving in his car) to keep yourself above water. And I think sometimes when I think about all the pain in the world it starts to weigh me down because so many people need so much that it just becomes really overwhelming for me, so I think it’s really important for me especially to just take a deep breath, sit under a tree and say “I’m not sure it gets better than this”. If only for a little while…. My favorite lines from that song are “All around is anger and automatic guns/death in large numbers/no respect for women or our little ones/I tried talking to Jesus but he just put me on hold/Said he’d been swamped my calls this month and could not shake his cold”.

I think slowly my pretention is fleeting me. I used to be the kind of guy who would bail on a band when they gained a certain level of commercial success. But now, I think about the bands that I love that maybe people would consider “indie” or “underground” and I think people should be listening to those bands and I honestly feel that my love of Coldplay has really helped me mature in this way. I’m glad that millions and millions of people appreciate Coldplay. Are some of them people with musical tastes that I’d rather not be associated? (see, there’s still some pretention left) Of course but that’s not really important. I remember the first time I heard X & Y, I remember thinking that I had just heard one of the most anticipated albums of the year and remember thinking that I couldn’t wait for the world to hear it because it was an amazing record (I heard it on Sirius when they went through it track by track the weekend before it came out). And I knew that this record was going to bring new fans into the fold. And that made me feel good as someone who went out and bought Parachutes when it came out. Records like X & Y make their fans look smart because we’re the ones that have been telling people to listen to the band and how important and relevant the music was. I mean the music I like is the music I like because I feel like it’s the best music being made… why wouldn’t I want everyone to hear it and like it? So I’m slowly chipping away at my wall of pretention………….MTV is ruining music and anyone who relies on MTV for music information should be set on fire. It’s a work in progress.

There are nights when I lay in bed and I just really miss intimacy. And not intimacy like sex intimacy, although.. well, nevermind. I mean laying in bed with someone and talking and laughing and not realizing that you’ve laid in bed until two in the afternoon. That kind of intimacy. The kind of intimacy where you don’t sleep three hours because of how small the bed is and how uncomfortable you are but when asked how you slept you say “Great.. really good.” You didn’t sleep worth a shit but you were content in that moment because of how that person made you feel. That’s not something you can go to a bar or a club and bring home… That kind of intimacy doesn’t require a walk of shame…

So I’ve decided that a new addition to my blog would be a list of the 100 songs that I think everyone should have at least heard if not have in their iTunes library. So here goes:

100. Reoffender – Travis
99. Distractions – Zero 7
98. Be – Common
97. Brooklyn – Mos Def
96. Sing Me Spanish Techno – The New Pornographers
95. Heart of Gold – Neil Young
94. Everlong – Foo Fighters
93. Circles – Soul Coughing
92. Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix/Stevie Ray Vaughan (I’m partial to the SRV cover)
91. Damn Right I Got the Blues – Buddy Guy
90. Disillusion – Badly Drawn Boy

My Hero of the Day:

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