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Death Cab for Cutie – You Will Be Loved

September 26, 2005

I was driving around town the other day and there will three older bikers in front of me. These are like old crusty, ex-Hell’s Angels Bikers. I’m talking about retiree-bikers, in fact one of them was driving a modified tricycle. And we were at a red light and another motorcyclist came around the corner and he nodded or waved in acknowledgement, like in recognition of the fact that they also had bikes. I thought that was interesting and people in cars just don’t have that same experience. I’ve noticed bus drivers do that to each other a lot too. It’s like they’re saying “Hey driving this thing sucks and I had to sprinkle sawdust on someone’s puke”. I think it’s interesting how we empathize with other humans.

In the tradition of “Beautiful World”, I thought I would maybe list some things that make me smile and make me feel like this big, crazy, violent, scary world I live in isn’t so big or crazy or violent or scary:

  • chocolate milk
  • the smell of burning leaves
  • big snowflakes
  • magazine runs
  • how people don’t talk too loudly at bookstores because it has a library feel
  • friendly old people

I like to look at old people and wonder what they were like when they were my age or how they were when they were middle ages. The kinds of things they lived through, what their experiences were and how they shaped them. I passed this old man yesterday in my car who was walking his dog and I thought to myself “When he was middle age, that guy could have been anybody, that guy could have been a lab assistant to Jonas Salk or was a good friend of Truman Capote”. I think it’s fun to look at people and try to imagine what they’re eyes have seen.

Some of you may be aware that one of my guilty pleasures is reading Entertainment Weekly. I love EW because it’s a throwaway rag. I know that if I can read through it and find three articles, not including reviews, that are worth reading than that was their masterpiece for the year. But I really like their music writing, their music features are really well written. Like many other music magazines (Filter, Rolling Stone, Spin, Q, Under The Radar (possibly the most notorious of the pretentious underground music magazines)), EW’s music writing lacks pretention. I find that in so many other magazine pieces, you have the writer trying to describe the sound of a record or the sound of a band’s music to you and I just feel like that’s the dumbest thing that any writer could try to do. Music is an auditory medium, not a visual one. The only time a writer should describe a sound to you is if you can’t be there to hear it yourself but when describing a band’s sound, I can go out and buy that record. That listening experience is going to be replicated 8,000 times over and I just feel like it’s the writer showing off how many adjectives he can use to describe a band’s music. But I feel like in EW’s pieces, take the last one I read: a feature on Fiona Apple, I feel like when I was done reading that article, I wasn’t told what her first record Tidal sounded like, I was told about Fiona Apple the person and what she’s been going through since she released her last record 6 years ago. And that’s why I read those articles. So as much as I say that EW is a throwaway magazine, I’m reminded that there’s a reason that I read it when I read those kinds of features.

Song that was playing when I finished – The Cloud Room – Hey Now, Now

89. R.E.M. – Sweetness Follows
88. The Cloud Room – Hey Now, Now
87. Ben Folds Five – Selfless, Cold and Composed
86. 311 – Don’t Stay Home
85. Kaiser Chiefs – Everyday I Love You Less and Less
84. Spoon – I Turn My Camera On
83. Bush – Machinehead
82. Live – White, Discussion
81. Weezer – Susanne
80. Keane – She Has No Time

My Hero(ine) of the Day:

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