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Coldplay – The Scientist (Live in Cologne, GER)

October 3, 2005

I think it’s impossible to trivialize the impact of sports on our culture as a whole. Sports gives people hope, gives them a reason to believe in the little guy, and sometimes provides them with a brief escape from unspeakable tragedy. I’m often frustrated with people who say “Pat, why’d you just throw your dog across the room? It’s just a game.” The truth of it is, I, love my dog very much, I’d never do that.. PETA, I was joking! But it’s not just a game in this country. Seabiscuit, Joe Louis, Pat Tillman, Muhammed Ali, Jesse Owens, Lou Gehrig, the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team, George Gipp, Knute Rockne, Vince Lombardi, Arthur Ashe, Jackie Robinson all believed it was more than a game. And when I think about Lou Gehrig’s speech on July 4th, 1939, I get goosebumps to this day. I see Gehrig standing behind those microphones, his hat in his hands, claiming that he, despite the ALS that would ravage his statue-esque physique and claim his young life soon after his retirement from baseball, was “the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.” Sports breaks our heart sometimes, but it gives us stories like this, gives us men like these that become heroes, sports provide us with hope and inspiration. I was reminded of the impact sports can have when I watched a piece on ESPN about a young man in Indiana dying from an inoperable brain tumor who’s dying wish was to call the first offensive play for his beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish, a wish granted by Irish head Coach Charlie Weis with his back against the goal line, keeping his word to the boy (who died in his mother’s arms two days before the game) in an almost impossible situation. It wasn’t just a game to that boy. When you think about sports, you have to ask yourself in the famous words of Al Michaels “Do you believe in miracles?”

I was asked by L-Mo to list my favorite female musicians because, as anyone who knows me is aware, I’m a bit of a sexist when it comes to music. I think women look funny with guitars, so sue me. So without any further adieu, here goes:

Patty Griffin – Last year, Esquire had their first annual music awards and Patty Griffin received an award and they wrote that songwriters fall into one of two categories: Patty Griffin and everybody else. I think that’s absolutely true. She has some of the most breathtaking and heart breaking songs I’ve ever heard. “Rain” is absolutely one of my favorite songs ever.. by any human.

Fiona Apple – What can I say about Fiona Apple that hasn’t been said already, a million times over? Her voice just flows over me and kind of stings in a very beautiful way. Download “Fast As You Can” off When The Pawn.. for fuck’s sake! Ugh.. there aren’t words. Her new record Extraordinary Machine comes out tomorrow.. do yourself a favor… pick it up!

Tracy Chapman – I can forgive her for “Give Me One Reason” and her latter day sins because “Fast Car” was one of the definitive songs of my childhood and is still one of those songs that I hear today and love, no matter when the last time I heard it was.

Natalie Merchant – Jamestown Come Strong! ‘Nuff said.

Bonnie Raitt – A guitar player that can play with the boys. Plays one of the best slide guitars in the business and has one of the purest voices in all of pop music. Love, love, love, Bonnie Raitt. John Mayer once said that two musicians never get notes wrong, one is the great Martin Sexton and the other is Bonnie Raitt. She’s amazing…

Dolores O’Riordan from The Cranberries – I think she brings a certain swagger to a lot of those songs. I don’t think “Linger” or any of those classic Cranberries songs would sound as good if someone other than Dolores was singing, and that vocal thing she does on “Zombie”… impressive. And she’s irish.. represent!

Whoever the Hell Sings on those Zero 7 Tracks – Especially “Distractions” which is a song that is my number one sexiest song of all time. If that song doesn’t make you want to .. well you get the picture. Great, really sultry voice.. amazing.

69. Zero 7 – Distractions (this is a repeat but come on.. 69.. get it.. sexy, sexy tune)
68. Coldplay – White Shadows
67. The Black Crowes – Soul Singing
66. Oasis – She’s Electric
65. Ben Folds – Still Fightin’ It
64. The Arcade Fire – Wake Up
63. Wilco – Jesus, Etc.
62. Jeff Buckley – So Real
61. Elliot Smith – Fond Farewell
60. Pearl Jam – Daughter

My Hero of the Day:

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  1. dan permalink
    October 3, 2005 9:43 pm

    Body found near stadium
    The Enquirer The body of a man was discovered on the river bank near the Paul Brown Stadium about 9:15 a.m. today.
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