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Random Scribblings……

October 4, 2005

I have these nights sometimes where I feel like the world falls in on me and makes me realize that my life is going on around me… that it’s not in slow motion, to the contrary it’s very real and very fast… so this is just something that I wrote tonight… I thought I’d document these nights… these things are supposed to be quasi-songs, but the rhyming patterns are fucked up so don’t try and make sense of it.

Sometimes words elude me
Chase and see through me
And all that I could be
Some role in a movie
Wrapped up in lies
So words for suffice
For all that is nice
About the fucked up warmth in your eyes

Seeking comfort in strangers
Like Jesus and Mangers
Just searching for places to lay
Somewhere peaceful to stay
A quiet playground to play
Whispered words to say…
To you or anyone

Why is it that all I am
Is everything I never wanted to be
A me I never wanted to see.
Nights I’m melancholy, down
My feet on the ground
I am scribbles in ink
A ship destined to sink
And inevitably the world will spin
And this bloody romance will end
Because I know you don’t think about me

Patience is a virtue
Until you run out of time..

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