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David Gray – Please Forgive Me

October 25, 2005

I’m so appreciative for the people in my life. I know I say that a lot but there are some nights where you look at the picture that is your life. And you really separate the shit from everything that is really important in life. When you’re in college, it’s easy to lose track of what’s really important. I know that getting a job is important, I know that grades are important but that’s not what’s really important. What’s really important is having people who love you. Who will love you in spite of yourself in some cases. Knowing that you have people in your life who will watch you fall, maybe chuckle at you and help pick you up. And I’m the luckiest fucking boy in the world because I have people in my life that are amazing, a god send. I feel lucky because the people that I have in my life are the people that I would have chosen had I had a choice. My family is amazing. My parents are two of the most understanding, compassionate people in the world. They are hard-working, funny, and unconditionally loving… all things I hope to be as a parent. I really don’t think I could have asked for two better people to have in my life growing up and I think my kids will be better for it. And then I have Kevin, my brother, who I feel like I grow closer to everyday and I’m eternally grateful for that. We have our squabbles, minor differences but I feel like we are more alike than we even realize sometimes and I think as we grow up, we’ll realize how much we really do need each other. Kelly, my sister, my munchkin, my comic relief to life. I’m going to be overprotective of you but hopefully not overbearing. And then there’s my amazing friends.. my support system. Zac, Bone, L-Mo… I feel so blessed to have the people in my life that I have. People who give me the strength to do things that I know I need to do but might be a little too afraid to do on my own. I think I’ve done enough schmoozing for tonight and I’m starting to feel a little foolish. But I feel like sometimes, I don’t do a good enough job telling the people I love how much I love them and how I feel like I’d fall apart without them.

Once again Matt Nathanson has restored my faith in humans…

My hero of the day:

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