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The Postal Service – Against All Odds

December 21, 2005

I like this song despite it’s unfortunate use in the Josh Hartnett vehicle “Wicker Park”.

I’m home for Christmas and it’s really interesting to see what happens to people when they come home from college. I think by virtue some people end up hanging out with people that they ordinarily wouldn’t socialize with just by virtue of how bored everyone is. You know what I’m talking about.. the guy you went to high school with that you run into at the gym or at the mall that you never hung out with high school and you exchange numbers and in a moment of weakness, you call him up and end up going to some shithole local bar and running into everyone you went to high school with that you hoped to never see again. I guess I’m not really like that.. when I come home I have a couple people that I’ve been friends with for a long time now and other than that my time is spent watching DeGrassi and playing XBox and reading.

I drove to St. Louis this weekend for the Eagles/Rams game, which was rad, in part because the Eagles won. It was really surreal for me. I dated a girl for a while that lived in St. Louis and last sunday was the first time that I’d made that drive since we broke up and it was really bizarre. Everything came back to me and suddenly I was seeing our relationship play like a movie in my head, the first time we met, our first kiss, the days we spent together in bed, everything. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not romanticizing what we had, there were a lot of moments that were totally destructive and some moments that I’m sure I’m still recovering for but as I went over the MLK Bridge across the Mississippi, I was taken back to her doorstep again.

On the drive back, I was listening to my brother and my dad talk about this neighbor of ours who lost his wife last March in a car accident. And it occured to me what a cruel world this is, you spend your whole life trying to find someone who, for lack of a better phrase, completes you. Someone you can’t live without, someone you want to wake up next to everyday and grow old with and in an instant, they’re gone forever. You’re not going to run into them at the mall and have some sort of awkward exchange with the new boyfriend/girlfriend, you’re not going to get a late night drunken phone call from them telling you how sorry they are about breaking up with you, they’re gone. I guess that’s true of anyone in your life. And I think Christmas is the perfect time to tell the people that you love how much you love them and how much they mean to you because you just never know..

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