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Tegan and Sara – Walking With a Ghost

December 25, 2005

Well this is my first entry from the road.. it’s Christmas and being the Christmas geek that I am, it’s a day that I’ve been waiting for since Thanksgiving. I’m in Albany visiting some family and I feel like, sitting here on this bean bag chair that this is what Christmas means to me…It means living out of a duffle bag for a week or so, hearing my dad tell the same story four or five times, and being thankful that I have the people in my life that I have. I think it’ll be hard for me to get married to someone because it’s recently occured to me that they will have their own set of traditions that they’ve been practicing with their families for years and years and god knows I have mine. We go to mass every Christmas eve, we come home and eat dinner and then it’s time to watch The Grinch (the cartoon version.. Ron Howard and I still aren’t speaking about the live action hack job he did) and then we open 1 present and then it’s time for bed. But… at the Donohue household, me, my brother and my sister all sleep in the same room. And I think about those traditions and they mean the world to me but I look forward to meeting someone and starting new traditions. Christmas is a difficult holiday to be single for.. I mean it certainly is, to some extent, financially beneficial but it’s like… you know it’d be nice to have someone to buy cute, thoughtful gifts from. You know, buy her something that she told you she wanted but figure you’d forgotten about a long time ago. I look around and there are people with, well.. functional relationships and they are far less sincere than I am but someday I think I’ll meet someone who gets it.. who understands why I glass over when I listen to U2, why I hate sitting next to strangers on airplanes, and that there’s something about seeing them in a messy pony tail and one of my t shirts that does things to me that I can’t explain.. well Merry Christmas!

Hero of the Day:

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  1. 3miiL33 permalink
    January 15, 2006 10:07 pm

    just as a sidenote, i love tegan and sara
    and this song is one of their greatest

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