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U2 – Mothers of the Disappeared

January 9, 2006

I was reading the most recent issue of Esquire and this month, it’s “The Meaning of Life” issue, where they talk to all kinds of people and get them to share what they’ve learned in their lives. And I came across an article about Neil Young and there was something particularly striking and relevant to the way I felt last night, watching that piece on Travis Roy and I thought I’d share it..

“I look around and see people hurting themselves for no reason. Drinking too much. Taking drugs. Beating themselves up in some psychological way. That really bothers me, knowing that these people got everything they need to succeed. All they have to do is believe in themselves and in the gifts they’re wasting. And yet there are all these other people on the planet who have none of the gifts that are apparetny. The gifts are all locked up inside, yet their spirits are so strong that they just keep going. And I think : This person who has this spirit, why can’t he have some of the outward gifts?”

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