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You’re not the perfect hand.. but I don’t hit on 19

March 26, 2006

Outside, smooth, softspoken
Inside a rage of emotions
Insecurity mixed with two parts passion, three parts insecurity
Not enough confidence
Needs more confidence
Waxing poetic
Sweettalking in a vacuum
Every word hits the floor
She doesn’t know what to say
It’s probably better if you don’t say anything, you say
You wish she’d say something, anything to ease you
Act as a blanket, something to cover you
Make you feel like every word from your lips didn’t expose you a little more
This vunerability is of your own design though
No regrets, no rock left unturned
No alterior motive
The boy in you wants to kiss her
The man in you wants to fix her
Make her shiny again, make her new
Make her everything she is to you
But as time goes on, each second ticks by
And the easiest thing becomes treacherous
The logical becomes inexplicable
You’ve worn out your welcome
Maybe you’re not as charming as she thought
Charming’s the wrong word though
Charming implies that you’re disingenuous, insincere
The opposite is true
You say those words because you don’t know better
You don’t know how else to tell her that you’d love to see her in the morning
An old t-shirt, no make – up, and a messy poinytail
You don’t know how to tell her how beautiful she is
And make her feel it, make you feel it
The words fall flat
Sweet talking in a vacuum..

Today’s Greatest Hit (9/14/05)

I think I have a really fine eye to detail, especially when it comes to women. There are things that women do that I’m not sure most guys would notice that absolutely floor me…When a girl tucks her hair behind her ears, for some reason.. it just knocks me on my ass. I’ve never been able to explain it. When you’re lying next to a girl and she kind of nuzzles you as she falls back asleep.. it’s like, for that moment, all of the bullshit that you think is important.. all of your beef with the world and with god and your parents and ex girlfriends and friends.. all of that shit.. for that moment.. is meaningless. It’s those kinds of moments that I miss now, having not been in a real relationship for a year now. It’s the moments where she looks at you and you get those nervous butterflies in your stomach, like you did the first time you moved in for that first kiss. If you don’t feel this when you look at the girl you’re with.. do yourself and her a favor.. and break up with her.. because something’s not right….

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