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March 29, 2006

7 notes tug on your heart strings
you sit alone in your room
the low hum from the stereo
pounds on your chest
what should I have said?
tell me what to say to make you feel it
i’m trying to say all of the right things
while trying to mute the screaming from my heart
the voice that you hear saying “want me”
saying “be mine”
like the candy hearts that are somehow only for sale around valentine’s
are these, too, seasonal sentiments
or is this something more
is this my chance at redemption
i can’t tell what’s real anymore
is this just idealized fantasy
something that my heart has led to believe me is true
only to leave me feeling empty
i want my heart to feel more like a home
something genuine, a sense of belonging
instead of a hotel room
something temporary
something nice on the outside, it’ll do for a night or two
but no more than that
nice place to visit
wouldn’t want to live there
This modern love has taken better men than me
i see the man i want to be
the life i want to have
following you down that half lit corridor

Today’s Greatest Hit 5.14.05:

Angry songs about ex-girlfriends who sucked
Writing angry songs about ex – girlfriends who sucked
Jeff Buckley’s voice
Rummaging through the paper on Sunday morning to find the Circuit City and Best Buy fliers
Falling asleep to Sportscenter
Rainy days when you have nowhere to go
Wiggling my toes when I get comfortable
My sunglasses
Fluffy white clouds in a blue sky
Newly sharpened pencils
Paul Giamatti
Uni-ball pens
Buying two of everything (I think I may be OCD in that regard)
Soft kisses without too much tongue
Back dimples
Sharp hips
Falling asleep right away
The process of buying a new cologne
Looking through People Magazine but never actually reading anything

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