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June 11, 2006

Some guitar sounds just sum up a mood
a desire, an emotion
remind you of quiet pretty moments
moments stuck in time
the moments play back like slideshows
the moments are postcards
postcards like souvenirs from moments and places you’ve seen
like when you kissed in the rain
and felt her hand
tiny and sacred in yours
and you’ve lived for that moment again
ever night falling asleep with her siloheutte
living for the moment when it materializes
when with a look she can vaporize your anxieties
elevate you above your anxieties
the walls you’ve built for yourself
to protect your fragile heart from itself
come tumbling down
with one wayward glance
in her kiss you find the answer to all of the questions you’ve had
all the questions about how she feels about you
where’s she been all of those nights
all of the quiet insecurities in the back of your mind
are quieted, silence
the silence is yours
for that moment, you feel at peace
for that moment you feel safe
safe from the storm outside
and the storm within…

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