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In the beginning….

June 30, 2006

I’ve been thinking about that Keane song “Try Again” and about Timothy Rice-Oxley’s explanation of it and what he thought it was about when he wrote it. And I guess I have two tangents off that. The first of which being about the interpretative quality of music. I think it’s rad that someone can write a song with something in my mind and when someone hears it they automatically cater it to whatever is going on in their life. And that’s why I think music is ultimately one of the most personal artforms. Because it means so many things to so many people. And a song is something different to everyone who hears it. I think that people can feel a similar emotion that comes from a song but ultimately where that emotion comes from is a set of circumstances that is completely unique to that individual. The second of my tangents is that idea that the song is about the middle of adulthood or the middle of a relationship where that initial honeymoon period has sort of worn off and you begin to lose the excitement and the love for it that you once had and how sad that is. Part of me feels like that’s human nature to some extent. The idea that everything new eventually loses that novelty and it becomes something much more permanent in your life. Everything works that way, I think. The new car that you love and will pretty much use any excuse you can to drive it becomes the thing with fou wheels that takes you to work or to wherever you’re going or it becomes that thing that makes you cry everytime you go to the gas station. And that is sad and I think that song is perfect in illustrating that kind of quiet desperation of that feeling. Of wanting to feel your excitement renewed. I can only hope that I don’t feel that way “when love finds its way to me”, the reason I had to put that in quotations is because it’s far too trite and cheesy for me to attribute it to my own head.

In other Keane-related thoughts, I was listening to Tim talk about ‘Nothing in my Way” which he talks about writing the song about denial and people refusing to accept or acknowledge their feelings. Whether they feel scared or upset about something, they just can’t acknowledge it out loud because they think it’s a sign of weakness or something. He talked about two people who knew that were married and the marriage was making them both miserable but they refused to acknowledge it. And I thought about someone I knew about that. Someone I knew to be unhappy and admitted to themselves that they were unhappy in this relationship but being so immersed in denial about it that they were willing to let life pass them by. I don’t know I think life is too short to be doing anything that makes you less than happy. That being said, I’m a realist and I realize that sometimes life is about doing what you don’t want to do but I think those kinds of things are in the pursuit of something you do want to do, as kind of a means to an end. But I think denial is one of the … I don’t know if deadliest is the right word but something to that point.. emotions because it has this deceptive ability to trick you into thinking that you’re doing the right thing or that you’re happy or that everyone feels this way. I look at my parents and realize that relationships are hard work and realize that there’s a very fine line between being an adult and not running away at the first sign of conflict and being completely fucking miserable.

Song that was playing when I finished this:
Fingers in the Factory
Live at KEXP

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