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Your best defense is miles from home….

August 29, 2006

I realize that I’m not totally normal. My friend Zac and I have had this conversation numerous times. We realize that not everyone thinks about things the way we do. When someone says “Yeah sorry I didn’t call, I’ve been really busy,” we generally understand that the person is being a little less than sincere. When I think about things pragmatically I realize that when something is important to someone they find time to do it. Seriously. If there’s something in my life, that I’m really intent on doing, whatever it is, I find time for it. Regardless of what I have going on, I make sure that it gets done. So when someone says “I’ve been really busy”, the next words out of their mouth had better be one or more of the following “I was in a coma”, “I was on an oil rig”, “I was kidnapped”, “I was in a cave”.

What it basically comes down to is saying what you mean. I don’t think that is an altogether difficult concept. If you don’t mean something….. don’t say it. That way the other person doesn’t hear it and doesn’t think you mean when, in actuality, you do not. I guess I’m just tired of insincerity. I’m just tired of having people in my life who are telling me what they think I want to hear and then getting hurt because of it. And so I’m going to be weeding people from my life; because I’m tired of caring about people who don’t care about me.

I realized this weekend that there isn’t anything I can’t do because of the people I have in my corner. I find myself thinking: “How can I be scared about anything in my life, of failing, if I have people in my life who believe in me and think I can do it?” And I think that’s important. Having people in your life who genuinely believe that you can do anything and take as much joy in your successes as you do.

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