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It’s over

May 15, 2008

I think I may have turned a corner with the NBA this postseason.

What I generally find as uninspired, poorly played basketball has been replaced with chippy, aggressively-played basketball full of flagrant fouls, shoving matches and people telling their moms to shut up (sorry Bron Bron). I’ll be the first to admit that I’m hooked on the NBA playoffs. Could this be the beginning of an NBA conversion for me? It’s a little too soon to tell. Ask me when it’s time to plunk down a couple hundred bucks for the NBA Season Pass on DirecTV so I can watch the Mike Dunleavy-led Indiana Pacers on a nightly basis.

However, there is one thing that could threaten my recent re-birth: The Detroit Pistons. While I’ve watched nearly every game of the Celtics and Cavaliers first and second round games, I’ve watched merely seconds of the Pistons consecutive beat-downs of the 76ers and the Magic. The Pistons, having been here so many times before, look bored and in turn bore me. Where’s the remote? Isn’t it time for Idol?

Last night marked the end of the Celtics/Cavaliers series though we’re still a couple of nights from the official end of the series. Mark my words, it’s over and I’m left to wonder why the Cavaliers lost last night, despite LeBron James going off the way that many claimed he needed to for the Cavs to go back to the NBA Finals.

Maybe that’s the problem…

It was the play of the Cavs’ lesser-known players (namely Delonte West, Daniel Gibson and the much-maligned Wally Sczerbiak) that helped Cleveland keep Boston winless on the road during the playoffs in games 3 and 4. But when LeBron took command of the team and had his best game of the series, the Cavs lose and will go back to play game 6 at home without Gibson, who has a separated shoulder.

Maybe more is less when it comes to LeBron. Maybe what the Cavs need is more defense and passing from LeBron and less of King James driving to the hole everytime down the floor and forcing bad shots. This has to be discouraging on a lot of levels for Cleveland. Their star player finally has the game that Boston has been successful thus far in denying him and they still lose.

This thing is over. You could play this game in Estonia and the Celtics still win by 10. The Cavs had the Celtics right where they wanted them and let them off the hook and now they get to go home.

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