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May 22, 2008

Ryan Grant, you know the Green Bay Packers running back you’d never heard of until last year, has gone to the Packers asking for a new multi-year deal and until he gets one, he doesn’t plan to participate in any football drills or reindeer games for that matter.

If you’ve curious what kind of break-out year Grant had, who refused to sign a league minimum deal worth $370,000 given to exclusive-rights players with one accrued NFL season, he rushed for 956 yards last year.

Are your eyes still in your head? If so, it’s probably because that is not a mind-blowing statistic and certainly not one worthy of a multi-year deal, particularly when considering that Grant was a non-factor deep in the postseason for the Pack.

I don’t often fault players for holding out for more money. The lifespan of an NFL player is incredibly short and far be it for me to tell someone that they shouldn’t try to go out and make as much money as you can .. but you have to earn it.

And Ryan Grant, to date, hasn’t earned a bigger, longer contract.

Sign the tender, get in camp. Quit acting like a dope.

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