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I’m excited about soccer

June 4, 2008

Yes, you heard me right, I’m excited about soccer.

No, not the MLS or even college soccer, where my beloved Indiana Hoosiers have been a powerhouse in recent years. No I’m taking REAL soccer.

Euro 2008 begins this weekend and runs through the end of the month. The tournament will match Europe’s best national teams against one another and group play starts on Sunday with host Switzerland squaring off against the Czech Republic.

Watching international soccer isn’t all that unusual for me. I watched more World Cup coverage than ever before in 2006 and consider myself a casual fan of the English Premier League and the the UEFA Cup. I watched a little bit of Euro 2004 when Greece shocked the soccer world and won the tournament and am definitely looking forward to this tournament as the NBA and NHL seasons wind to a close.

There’s something about the tradition of, particularly European, soccer that I really respond to and enjoy. The passion of the fans, the passion of the players. I really think it’s much different from watching the Red Bull United and Kansas City Wizards square off in a 75% empty Meadowlands.

Weird mascots aside (see below), Euro 2008 is definitely worth checking out.

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