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An informed opinion

June 5, 2008

I’ve seen a lot of the Celtics this post-season. A lot. I watched them struggle to put away a Hawks team that is one veteran away from being a force in the East. I watched them struggle to put away a Cleveland team that has a lineup of big guys, none of which can play, in a series in which LeBron James was largely ineffective. The Celtics troubles are well-documented in well-known. They’re terrible on the road this postseason but who’s been great? Their real struggles come on offense but thanks to some epic performances by Paul Pierce, they’ve been able to advance.

They have not, however, played a team like the Los Angeles Lakers, who’ve run through and around some of the league’s best teams including Utah and San Antonio. What I don’t think the Celtics can account for is Los Angeles’ depth. If Derek Fisher needs a breather because he’s 87 years old, they can in Jordan Farmar. They can get quality minutes out of at least 6 guys on their bench and the same can simply not be said for the Celtics. Sam Cassel is not as good of a second option as Farmar and P.J. Brown is nowhere near as effective down low as Turiaf and forget about any reasonable comparisons between Eddie House and Sasha Vujacic.

Oh and in case you forgot, the best team in the league wears number 24 and plays for the Lakers.

LA presents a number of challenging matchups for the Celtics that I just don’t think they have an answer for, not to mention the fact that Boston’s offense has been anemic as of late.

I’ll take the Lakers in 6.

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