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All Good Things (or completely average things) must come to an end

June 11, 2008

Tonight is the season finale of Top Chef and I’m more than a little underwhelmed.  After watching every episode this season, I’m sad to say that Top Chef, one of my favorite shows for the last four years, has become something of a chore since Andrew “I Have a Culinary Boner Right Now” D’Ambrosi was told to pack his knives.

I guess some of my lack of excitement has to do with Lisa Fernandes (a woman New York Magazine food critic Adam Platt has been affectionately calling “The Gorgon for weeks now) and her role in the final 3, despite being in the bottom two for the past 5 or 6 weeks. While she has literally no chance against Richard Blais, who I firmly believe is far too old for his hair, and Stephanie Izard, who has quietly become the best chef this season, Lisa’s presence in the top 3 proves for an anti-climatic finale. I’ll be interested to see what twists and turns they throw the chefs’ way. I really enjoyed last year finale, where the chefs were paired with guests judges.

I’m going with Stephanie Izard tonight. Fernandes doesn’t belong in the finale and I think Blais will outsmart himself when faced with the prospect of cooking ANYTHING he wants.

If you’re at work today, or even bored at home, check out’s exit interviews with every chef that’s gone home this season. There’s a couple really funny moments on the podcast, inlcuding Bravo’s PR flack scolding the interview on more than one occasion about things that she’s not allowed to ask questions about.

In other great foodie news….

Michelin-starred chef Eric Ribert has launched his own cooking instructional site, Avec Eric. Ripert is a god amongst foodies and chefs and a chance to get recipes and view instructional videos from a chef of Ripert’s quality is good news for foodie. I may head to the seafood market this weekend to try out the broiled red snapper filet recipe.

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