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So I finally got around to seeing…

June 12, 2008

This was a movie, as my girlfriend can attest to, that I was really excited to see. Being someone who reads movie blogs, it was tough not to fall into all the speculation and conjecture surrounding this project and get somewhat excited to see it. On the night that I’d swear that I’d won my girlfriend over and convinced her to see it with me, we instead went to see Michael Clayton, which turned out to be a great movie. No harm, no foul. So when the movie came out on DVD, it wasn’t far down my Netflix queue.

I settled in last night to watch this movie with tempered expectations. I knew about the film’s alternative form of visual storytelling and was a little skeptical at first and that it was essentially a monster movie, a genre I’m not terribly well-versed in.

All of that being said, I had a really good time watching this movie. Is it a great piece of filmmaking? Not really. Is it well-written? Not on your life. Are the performances good? One is noteworthy, the rest are kind of.. well awful. In spite of all of that, this movie is a really fun watch.

The POV manner in which the film is shot was something I was more than skeptical about. I wasn’t at all moved by the similarly-shot Blair Witch Project and was a little nervous about watching camer work that was meant to look amateur but the visual style of the film really helps the audience connect with the film’s character, though character development in this film is tough to find.

Watching the film, it’s incredibly difficult not to think of September 11th. People walking around, dazed, covered in dust, paper floating to the ground, people rushing into a bodega to escape an oncoming cloud of dust, all of it feels like September 11th. I was interested to learn, after watching the “Making of.. ” mini-doc, that instead of trying to avoid these comparisons, it seemed director Matt Reeves was trying to emulate those amateur videos and their feeling of chaos and panic.

It’s definitely worth seeing if you’ve got an hour or so this weekend and looking for something to do.

BONUS FEATURE SIDE-NOTE: Don’t bother watching the alternate endings. They are a complete waste of time.

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  1. Matt permalink
    June 12, 2008 6:04 pm

    nice review. I think that cloverfield was pretty realistic in it’s approach.. too bad for the ending

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