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The weird timing of Peyton Manning’s knee surgery

July 15, 2008

According to an article in today’s Indianapolis Star, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will miss 4-6 weeks after “routine” surgery to remove an infected bursa sac on Monday afternoon.

According to Colts management, Manning had been receiving “conservative treatment” on his left knee since February, treatment that was thought to be working until it began to cause the MVP quarterback pain and show the early signs of infection.

With the Colts veterans set to report to camp in Terre Haute (my hometown) next week, the timing of Manning’s surgery seems weird to me. Being a natural born cynic, I’m finding it tough to believe that team physicians didn’t know that this condition might require surgery until a week before camp is set to open.

While I don’t doubt that Manning will make a full recovery, after missing all of training camp and the Colts’ five preseason games, his absence will allow Colts fans and management to live a Manning-less live, a prospect that could end in the team acquiring a veteran free agent quarterback or a more reliable 2nd option than Jim Sorgi, who’s frankly terrible.

This is also potentially bad news for the Colts if Manning can’t go on Sept. 7 when the team christens their new home, Lucas Oil Stadium. Not having Peyton in the lineup certainly diminishes the star quality of that event.

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