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Even more news about my favorite shows..

July 17, 2008

Reuters, among other wire services, is reporting that Scrubs (easily one of my favorite shows ever) is making the jump from NBC to ABC. This is particularly good news for diehard Scrubs fans, as well as those who have casually enjoyed the show in its syndication run on WGN and Comedy Central as it appeared during the 100-day-long writers strike last year that the show, which NBC had every intention of killing at the end of it’s seventh season, appeared to be headed for an unconclusive ending and no proper series finale. ABC has picked up the show, will air it in HD and has commissioned some extra mini webisodes.

The relationship between ABC and Scrubs isn’t exactly something new. It was to the network that Lawrence, fresh off his hit sitcom Spin City, originally pitched Scrubs and though they owned the property and produced the series, the network sold the distribution rights to NBC who’ve aired the show for seven seasons.

While some may consider this burying the lead, the announcement of Scrubs departure from the Peacock also marked the announcement that the show’s breakout star, Zach Braff, would likely  not be returning.

This, from Braff at the Television Critics Association press tour today in Los Angeles:

“My sense is this is my last year,” Braff said.

Even more alarming than the loss of Braff’s Dr. John Dorian from the cast is this bit of future casting news from ABC Entertainment prez Steve McPherson.

“….ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson indicated there might be a way to keep the comedy going with new cast members, a la NBC’s revolving-door medical drama “ER.”

“We do think that it will not hopefully be a one-season situation,” McPherson said. “We do think there’s an opportunity after that — talking to Zach, talking to Bill — and whether all of the cast is a part of that, I still think there’s a great amount of growth there.””

I think what makes this show work, at least for me, is the dynamic that exists between the cast members. The reason that people no longer care about ER and why it’s no longer relevant is because of this revolving door of casting that the show has been pushing out since Julianna Marguilles, Anthony Edwards and some guy named George Clooney left that show. I fear that Scrubs might now suffer the same fate.

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