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The most tragically slept-on show on TV

January 27, 2009

Please tell me I’m not the only person who watched Sons of Anarchy this season.

Yes, I was a little reticent at first. I mean a drama about a biker gang in California wasn’t exactly my cup of tea particularly after watching the entire series of The Wire this summer. But alas, SOA really filled the void in my heart that The Wire left. I will abandon my comparisons to The Wire there as the shows have little in common other than my adoration for both of them.

The show features one of the most underrated casts on television (including Ron Perlman) and features Apatow alum Charlie Hunnam as the show’s lead. I was convinced that Hunnam not only couldn’t act but was sporting a fake British accent for Apatow’s short-lived but wonderful series starring Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogan, but he’s great in as the perpetually cool but conflicted Jax Teller. The show also features really strong contributions from Peg Bundy.. sorry, Katey Segal and Ryan Hurst, better known for his role as Gerry Bertier in Remember the Titans.

The good news for people who loved this show or have yet to embrace it is that FX picked it up for another year (with the departure of The Shield and the slow downward spiral of Rescue Me, I’m sure they’ll take what they can get). I wouldn’t be surprised to see SOA and Damages become FX’s new flagship series.

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