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New Musical Love… Blitzen Trapper

March 9, 2009

I got turned onto this Portland, Oregon band by Rainn Wilson of The Office who recommended them highly and I was not disappointed. The lyrics are insane and gorgeous and the harmonies are pitch perfect, well-timed, effective and at times haunting. They remind me of all the classic rock that everyone loves but I can’t get into because the recordings are so lo-fi. Yeah I know that’s a stupid reason not to like CCR or any of those old standby classic rock bands but it is what it is.

This band also has an excellent facial hair to band member ratio with no less than 3/4 of the band rocking pretty mean beards. There’s a lot to like about that.

If you download 2008’s Furr and don’t like it, there’s a chance you’re either a) functionally retarded or b) dead inside. 

Recommended to start : Furr, Black River Killer, Sleepytime in the Western World.

Below is the band’s 2008 performance of Furr on Conan.

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